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The NFlexor employs an incredible combination of acupressureoccipital muscle stimulation and cervical relaxation to instantly relieve your neck pain.

Through its uniquely constructed design, your spine will be stabilized and supported which will re-establish your body’s natural posture.

This will lead to an increase in blood flow to your brain, neck muscles and shoulders, which instantly begins to reduce soreness while increasing the range of motion in your upper body.

Studies show that optimized posture is directly related to elevation in mood, concentration, metabolism, immune system and more, so the NFlexor’s ability to perfect your body’s curvature is doing much more than you can ever imagine!


NFlexor effectiveness lies in its simplicity. Employing a powerful blend of strategically placed acupressure triggers, flexible yet strong spinal support and soothing back relaxers, NFlexor uses your own body weight and curvature to offer cervical stimulation and tension relief.

NFlexor is effective for: Neck Pain, Poor Posture, Muscle Imbalances, Headaches & Migranes.

NFlexor Reduces Stress & Tension Effectively!


Employing a powerful blend of strategically placed acupressure triggers, flexible yet strong spinal support and soothing back relaxers, NFlexor uses your own body weight and curvature to offer cervical stimulation and tension relief.


So, I start to study why it’s so effective to release stress and tension. The balls and grooves on NFlexor  are ergonomically designed like therapist’s’ fingers.

Once you rest on it correctly, the trigger points on your neck muscles are stimulated, and eventually they will let go of their tension. Effortless!


NFlexor is expertly designed to provide your next with unparalleled support by stabilizing the curvature of your spine, regaining your natural posture. By specifically targeting your neck extensor muscles, NFlexor is able to drastically reduce tension and soreness within just 10 minutes.

Unlike other neck massaging units, NFlexor does not require any batteries or electricity. Simply place the device under your neck as you lay down and its ergonomic support will naturally release trigger points to have you feeling revitalized instantly.

👍 Turn your head from side to side in a slow and steady motion. When you find the sore spots or muscle knots that you could not get rid of for centuries, stay there until the tension releases. That usually lasts 3-5 deep breaths.

👍 Move your chin up and down as if you are nodding. Taking 3-5 deep breaths with this motion helps you open up sinuses and release tension at the back of the skull.

Life-Changing Benefits

Although neck tension and shoulder stiffness may seem like a minor annoyance, they impact your overall well-being and can create future problems if left unattended. NFlexor combats these issues by providing users with a wide variety of benefits which increase your overall physical and mental well-being.

● Relieving Neck Tension and Soreness: Never worry about suffering from the tension that comes with long days in front of a computer again, as NFlexor uses proven acupressure techniques that release knots in both neck and shoulders.

● Remove Upper Body Stress: When your spinal alignment is incorrect, your upper body is put under a lot of stress which can cause everything from pressure buildup to headaches to sinus congestion.

● Improve Your Posture: Many people have had their posture deteriorate due to unnatural movements such as using a smartphone or computer. NFlexor regains your natural spinal curvature so your body can rediscover its correct posture over time.

● Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion: As your neck and upper back stiffen, your mobility lessens. NFlexor increases blood flow to the region, allowing your muscles to warm, resulting in a dramatic increase in your range of motion.

● Mood Elevation and Mental Performance: When blood is freely flowing to your brain and your physical alignment is harmonized, your mental capacity and mood are optimized, resulting in better concentration, problem solving and creativity.